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Rapid Stack Container

Rapid Stack Container

Rapid Stack Container has an Exclusive License with the North American Leader in horticultural containers. The inventors royalty is far above industry standards.

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Medical Scissors

Medical Scissors

Most EMS and medical staff carry scissors for a variety of reasons. The trouble is, they are unsafe to put in one’s pocket. The solution: add a carabiner to the handle and hook it anywhere. Now, distributed throughout the US medical industry.

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Draggin Hooks

Draggin Hooks saves lives!

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The MicroTiller will effortlessly cultivate soil and easily remove weeds in even the tightest spots.



Safe-T-Loc is a wheel nut management system which not only locks the wheel nuts but, also flags when clamping force is lost, and the wheel needs attention.

Millions Sold

Stepped Wedge Welding Tool

Stepped Wedge Welding Tool

Created by an Edmonton Inventor this simple two-in-one tool now sells North American wide. An upfront fee and per unit royalty were negotiated by Vince The Invention Guy.

Now Sells Online, check it out here.

Can Caddy

The Can Caddy is the ultimate hands free device that holds your beer to reduce spills and keep your beer close.

Tire Anti-Skid Stick

Tire Anti-Skid Stick

The Tire Anti-Skid Stick is an effective and inexpensive tool that notifies an operator of certain deficiencies.

The Stump Stove

The Stump Stove

A Southern B.C. Inventor didn’t invent fire, but he did patent a better way to generate it. With the Inventor’s design, this single log will burn for 3 hours from the inside out. U.S. and Canadian sales are well underway.

Sells in Home Hardware and other retailers, click here to see it in stores.

Wireless Media Stick

Wireless Media Stick™

Check this out! Plug this little device into your TV, DVD, PS3, XBOX or stereo and stream: music, movies or shows; right from your computer. A GREAT idea from a Calgary Inventor! Now sells worldwide.


Everyday HVAC systems and refrigeration units exhaust air flow. By modifying the current exhaust methods of these systems, Regenesis is able to recapture the wasted air exhaust.

Brake Mate

Brake Mate

The Brake Mate lowers the possibility of not detecting a brake out of adjustment leading to fines, premature brake component wear or decreased braking ability.

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