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"Success is not random.
Success in anything, involves taking the right steps in the right direction. Invention development is no different."

A great invention strategy involves:

  1. Early stage evaluation, to determine product potential.
  2. Filing for significant Patent Protection.
  3. A well thought out presentation; focusing on the invention’s key strengths.
  4. Consistent and professional promotion.
  5. Expert negotiation.
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* Due to the private nature of invention development, Innovative Licensing & Promotion Inc. signs a Confidentiality Agreement with all of its clients. Ask us for a copy of our Confidentiality Agreement for your review.

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Media Stick: Plug this little device into your TV, DVD, PS3, XBOX or Stereo and stream music, movies or shows right from your computer. A GREAT idea from a Calgary Inventor! NOW SELLS WORLDWIDE!

Vince P. Kehoe (Vince The Invention Guy)
President of innovative Licensing & Promotion Inc.

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